Disney And Impossible Foods Make A Deal To Add Vegan Meats To Their Menu

Disney and Impossible Foods announced today (Tuesday) that they are teaming up to bring their plant-based vegan meat products to Disney parks.

With Disney already expanding their plant-based vegan menus, this addition will push even pre-vegan guests to try plant-based options that offer them the same meat taste they are used to.

The new menu options will be expanded across all of Disney’s theme parks, resorts, and cruise lines in the United States.

Part of this new partnership will see to it that the Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger is the official and preferred plant-based vegan burger and will soon be available to munch on at restaurant locations in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, the Disneyland Resort in California, and the Disney Cruise Line ships. 

Executive chef of Disneyland Resorts and Parks says the push for more plant-based vegan meals is mostly in response to “the way the world’s changing and how customers are evolving” as vegan meats continue to go mainstream beyond just vegans themselves.

“If you look at the evolution of plant-based dining, it’s certainly been a great education for us,” State told Business Insider. 

“The resources out there like Impossible Foods are a game-changer. It really is something that’s helped us drive to the goal line of getting these attractive, flavorful dishes on our menu.” 

In previous months both at the end of 2019 and to start off this new year and decade Disney has begun a far-reaching and rapid expansion to its plant-based vegan food menu options.

They first announced in September of last year to provide meatless items at all of their Disney parks by the spring of the new year.

In Florida alone, the Walt Disney World Resort currently has over 400 plant-based vegan options on their menus and will be adding the Impossible Food options officially in the coming weeks starting at the Disneyland Resort in California.

Another result of this collaboration that is going to be a big deal for Impossible foods is that Disney will also be unveiling three brand new menu items made with Impossible foods’ products at the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival on February 28.

These meals include a Petite Impossible Burger with guacamole and cheddar jack cheese, Impossible Cheeseburger macaroni and cheese, and an Impossible Meatball sub sandwich. 

Impossible Cheese Burger macaroni and cheese. 
Courtesy: Impossible Foods/Disney

In a statement to Vegan News Disney stated that the culinary team that developed the new menus chose Impossible Foods’ product over competitors like Beyond Meat due to how versatile it was.

The culinary team felt they had more opportunity for creativity using the Impossible Foods based plant-based vegan meat alternatives.

“The product is both flavorful and super versatile,” State said.

“This product really has shown that it can meet our diversity in terms of complex dining with a multitude of places you can dine. [Impossible] from the get-go has really shown us this is the product that will work well with us.”

Besides helping Disney to add to their plant-based vegan menus this new alliance is likely to appeal to and draw in new visitors who are dropping meat and animal products in favor of more environmentally conscious and healthier choices according to Impossible Foods president Dennis Woodside.

“The millions of park-goers who visit Disney Parks and Resorts and sail on Disney Cruise Line each year – including those who are reducing their impact on the environment by eating less meat – will now be able to order the Impossible Burger,” Woodside said in a press statement.

“We look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead with this new relationship.”

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