World Will Reach “Peak Meat” By 2030


Fifty environmental scientists who are leaders in their fields released a warning letter in The Lancet, a scientific journal. The letter is an attempt to rally world governments to uphold the Paris Agreement by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture.

They are suggesting that we restrict the expansion of animal ag substantially by 2030 and begin replacing animal product production with plant based food sources instead. The letter goes on to demand that world governments return land used for animal agriculture back into its natural state.

“The livestock sector, having largely displaced natural carbon sinks, continues to occupy much of the land that must be restored,” the letter states. “If the livestock sector were to continue with business as usual, this sector alone would account for 49 percent of the emissions budget for 1.5°C by 2030, requiring other sectors to reduce emissions beyond a realistic or planned level.”

A four step plan has been laid out by the scientists and is as follows:

-Declare a timeframe for “peak livestock” (or putting a production limit on meat products).

-Identify the largest land occupiers and emitters of greenhouse gases within the animal agriculture industry and set targets to reduce those animals.

-Replace animal foods with plant based crops.

-Repurpose unused land into a “carbon sink” with native vegetation.

They also put forth in their report that high to middle revenue countries should stop exporting meat products to other countries and begin campaigns to lower demand for animal products.

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