A Dog Has Tested Positive For The Corona Virus

A Pomeranian in Hong Kong has been quarantined after being discovered to be carrying the deadly Novel Coronavirus. There are fears that the dog may be capable of passing the disease on.

China Bans Trade, Consumption of Wild Animals to Counter Virus

China’s top legislature imposed a total ban on trade and consumption of wild animals, according to state-run China Central Television, a move that aims to curb activities that scientists say may have caused the deadly coronavirus to jump from animals to humans.

Vietnam Seizes Over Two Tons Of Ivory & Pangolin Scales

. Authorities in Vietnam have seized over two tons of pangolin scales and ivory from elephant tusks. State media reports that the poached body parts were shipped from Nigeria hidden inside of wooden boxes. 730 pounds of ivory and 1.7 tons of pangolin scales were listed in the shipping manifest as “high end lumber” and…

Beyond Meat Bringing Burgers To China

. Beyond Meat the scrappy start up that launched their IPO into the stratosphere earlier this year have their eyes on China. They are racing against rivals including Impossible Foods whose own burgers have set records since being debuted to great success at Burger King this past summer becoming a permanent fixture on the Burger…