Patrik Baboumian Gets Vegan Comic Funded In Less Than 3 Days!

The vegan strongman who holds multiple world records launched his new vegan animal rights comic book campaign on Kickstarter and got funded in less than 3 days.

The comic features the character Earthraiser who through government experimentation ends up with superpowers including the ability to feel the pain of other sentient being within a five-mile radius.

The Kickstarter is currently sitting at $17,024 with 199 backers. Now they are heading towards their surge goals which include expanding the comic by 10 extra pages if they hit $20k and making it a hardcover if they get to $30k in support.

Baboumian originally conceived Earthraiser as a movie but quickly decided that was too ambitious to start with so he instead opted to go with the storytelling medium of comics.

He describes Earthraiser as an anti-hero character and that sounds about right given the intense amount of pain he would feel in this world from animals and humans being harmed around him.

He has created a complex character that shows the reality of the world and what it feels like to empathetic vegans. It’s perfect that this is done without explicitly saying anything about veganism or animal rights.

The conscious choice to keep veganism and animal rights not outright named keeps this comic something an average comic book fan would pick up and read without knowing the message right away.

This isn’t the first vegan superhero or comic that has made its way to print. We reviewed both “Earthling Vegan Warrior” and “Murder” in September of 2018 that you can read here.

There are other vegan and vegetarian characters in mainstream comics too that many people may not be aware of.

Todd Ingram from “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” is a vegan character who gets his powers from veganism and also has those same powers taken away when “The Vegan Police” show up and determine him not worthy.

Damian Wayne – Son of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. Surprisingly, the most violent and unpredictable Robin– trained by the League of Assassins no less– wound up abjuring meat completely.

In the second volume of Morrison’s Batman Inc., after a mission that took place in a slaughterhouse, Damian not only declared himself a vegetarian, but also rescued one of the cows, granting him the sobriquet of Bat-Cow. Damian’s decision to continue this diet was even referenced several issues later.

Eric Lensherr AKA Magneto from X-Men. A survivor of the Jewish holocaust is called a vegetarian in the comics several times but he abstains from all animal products so he is likely vegan.

He also sees animals above humans likely because of a combination of his youth spent in a concentration camp and his later persecution from being a “Mutant”.

Garfield Mark “Gar” Logan AKA Beast Boy- His vegetarian lifestyle was born of the fact that he has been pretty much every animal that people are fond of eating.

Knowing what it feels like to become these creatures no doubt gives him an added level of empathy that normal human beings simply aren’t capable of.

It has also probably occurred to him that, were circumstances different, he could wind up on the menu.

Check out the impressive campaign video below to learn more about this incredible campaign straight from Baboumian himself.

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