Breaking: Animal Rights Activist Killed At Vigil

An animal rights activist who was bearing witness with the Animal Save Movement and founder Anita Krajnc was killed at the Fearmans Pork slaughterhouse in Burlington Ontario at 10:20 am this morning.

Halton Regional Police are investigating the incident that many activists who were on the scene claim was intentionally done by the truck driver.

Halton police say the victim is a woman in her 60s but no name has been released until next of kin can be contacted.

“It was absolutely intentional…drivers they stop when they want to and this driver kept going.” said Christopher Sean McGinn on his Facebook Livestream.

Activists on the scene said she was giving water to the pigs that were inside the trailer of the transport truck when it began moving striking and killing her.

“This is so tragic, so heartbreaking,” said Geena Morrison, who has participated in pasts protests outside the plant. “I’m in tears.”

Halton Regional Police said they will be on scene for hours investigating the “pedestrian fatality” and are asking motorists to avoid the area.

Members of Halton police’s Victim Services Unit are at the scene of the “tragic fatality” to provide support and assistance to all involved, Halton police said in a tweet.

Anyone with information can call police at 905-825-4747

Anita Krajnc co-founder of The Animal Save Movement and Toronto Pig Save told the National Post the victim was “one of a handful of activists holding a vigil outside a pork processing plant on Friday.”

Many fellow activists of the deceased animal rights activist are claiming she was intentionally hit but we can’t as of yet substantiate the allegations.

Vegan News has reached out to The Animal Save Movement, Toronto Pig Save, and Anita Krajnc for further information and comment and we will update this story as it evolves.


The activist killed has been released as Regan Russell well known in the vegan and animal save movement.
Our condolences to her family and friends we are so very sorry this tragedy happened.

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