Nestlé Launches Sweet Earth “The Vegan Butcher” Meats Despite Herbivorous Butcher Lawsuit.

Coming this spring Sweet Earth will be launching a new line of plant-based vegan deli slices that will be pre-packaged and sold from deli counters across the country.

The new product will be labeled under “The Vegan Butcher” which is a bold move that’s not surprising given Nestlé owns the brand.

The selection of new plant-based meats from Sweet Earth’s “The Vegan Butcher” line includes pastrami, roast beef, and mortadella. They will be marketed and displayed with their other vegan meat offerings like their new Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds.

Their newly announced vegan plant-based sausages will debut at the same time featuring the flavors Asian Ginger Scallion, Habanero Cheddar (made with vegan cheddar cheese), and Chik’n Apple coming this March.

As we previously reported back in November of 2019 Aubry and Kale Walch owners of The Herbivorous Butcher are taking on a giant in the food industry, Nestlé. The dispute has arisen over a trademark of the phrase “Vegan Butcher” that the brother and sister duo had applied for themselves back in 2017 but were subsequently denied by the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) on the grounds that it was “merely descriptive” so it was ineligible for protection.

The USPTO subsequently granted Nestlé that very same phrase trademark of “The Vegan Butcher” and in September of last year as it’s approval drew near The Herbivorous Butcher filed to stop Nestlé from trademarking the very term they themselves were denied.

Unbothered by the legal entanglements Nestlé has moved to brand their deli meats and deli presence across the United States as “The Vegan Butcher”. The legal case over the phrase is expected to drag on well through 2021.

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