Vegan Brings Landmark Case Against Employer For Firing Him


Jordi Casamitjana says he was fired by the League Against Cruel Sports after he had discovered and disclosed to his colleagues and bosses that they had invested their pension funds in firms involved in animal testing. 

While the League counters he was fired for “gross misconduct” Jordi says it was because he’s vegan and the morals that he lives by.

This coming Thursday a UK employment tribunal will be evaluating and weighing the arguments as to whether or not veganism is a “philosophical belief” similar to religion which is protected under the law.

Casamitjana says he is an “ethical vegan” to a point that his beliefs even keep him from taking a bus to avoid killing insects and other animals that may be struck by the transport.

While working for the animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports he discovered the pension fund investments containing the firms that conducted animal testing. He immediately took this to who his bosses who promptly did nothing so he went to other colleagues and was allegedly fired as a result of the whistleblowing.

The alleged discrimination displayed against Mr Casamitjana is something many vegans understand well and if this case is successful it will finally put protections in place for UK vegans. This will keep vegans from being discriminated not only in employment situations but also education and many other situations and services.

Mr Casamitjana’s solicitor (lawyer) Peter Daly, of Slater and Gordon, said: 

“Ethical veganism is a philosophical belief held by a significant and growing portion of the population in the UK and around the world. This case, if successful, will establish that the belief entitles ethical vegans protection from discrimination.”

“The case we have prepared sets out how the belief in principle, and how Jordi’s particular interpretations of it, comprehensively meet the required legal test.”

A spokeswoman for the league said: 

“The League Against Cruel Sports is an inclusive employer, and as this is a hearing to decide whether veganism should be a protected status, something which the league does not contest, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.”

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