Nestlé’s Nesquik Launches Vegan Chocolate Milk GoodNes


Boasting six grams of protein and 40% less sugar than chocolate almond milk Nestlé’s Nesquik is launching their new vegan plant based oat milk just in time for Veganuary

It’s made from a blend of pea protein and oat milk that according to the company was mixed specifically to match the nutritional profile of mammary fluid milk.

The new oat milk drink called GoodNes hasn’t hit store shelves just yet can be found on Walmart’s website in preparation for the launch soon to come. 

Nestlé is hot on the heels of the current oat milk boom that has found its way into many plant based alternatives lately from Miyoko’s cheese to yogurts partly because some people believe the misinformation that soy will give you breasts.

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