Chicken Farmer Whistleblower Exposes Inhumane Conditions & Switches To Hemp Farming

Former chicken farmer Mike Weaver is now earning more money, employing more workers, and is farming with a far smaller carbon footprint that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In 2016 Mr. Weaver blew the whistle on the chicken farming industry from his small West Virginia town. He exposed the inhumane standard industry practices and conditions for both animals and workers who were on the receiving end of unfair labor practices and outright violations.

In this new video from Mercy For Animals Mike Weaver reveals the benefits of changing from cruel animal agriculture to cruelty free hemp farming. He shows how hemp farming not only earns him far more money and employs more workers but prevents the suffering of thousands of animals on a day to day basis.

He used to keep 45,000 plus chickens per “barn” where they were packed in tightly without access to the outside where they could act naturally as chickens and the steel  buildings sizzled with heat in the summers as chickens staggered through 5 inches of feces during each “crop” of animals.

Now hemp plants grow where suffering once existed and these very plants actually alleviate the suffering of patients like his own friend he explains:

“I decided to convert from raising broiler chickens to raising industrial hemp in these buildings,” he said. 

“I have a friend in Franklin who has cancer, and he’s been through radiation and chemo, and was in terrible pain in his joints.

“None of the drugs helped him, so he started taking CBD, and he says he feels like a new man…I hope this product creates a whole lot of new jobs and new revenues for the farm.”

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