Most Vegans Failed Civil Rights History, Why DxE is Right

Martin Luther King Jr., Dick Gregory, Harvey Milk, Emmeline Pankhurst, Mahatma Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Nelson Mandela, Jesse Jackson, Thurgood Marshall, Malcom X, Maya Angelou, Gilbert Baker, and an endless stream more should have never gotten arrested as a strategy to bring power to their movements?

The problem is that so many vegans and pre-vegans are so ignorant of history and what created change that they can’t see what DxE is doing as valuable or revolutionary but instead mock or attack them. 

The suffragettes didn’t gain the right to vote by being quiet but they certainly heard lauded criticism for purposely getting arrested to get into the media. Exposure into the mainstream gets results and if you’re a woman or other minority theses tactics gave YOU the rights you enjoy right now.

The same goes for black civil rights, gay rights and every single social justice movement in history. So many live in the privilege of now only knowing the result of those in the past who created change without realizing the sacrifices and the struggles. 

They were all chastised just like these comments here in their own times. Breaking with the status quo concerns and upsets the masses. A natural reaction to that unfortunately tends to be mockery and justification of that mockery. It’s time for people in this movement to crack open some history books to see what other movements did to gain the freedom and rights they have now. 

You either want a vegan world and support animal rights or you don’t, there is no in between. 

As for donations, fundraisers, and what it really comes down to MONEY; we live in a capitalist society built on it so every revolution has required it from the venerated figures like MLK jr. to the lesser known ones like Ida B. Wells who was born from slaves and went on to found the NAACP.

The idea that activists or organizations are greedy if they ask for money is ignorant at best and detrimental to our progress at worst. For many vegan animal rights activists we donate because we can’t be out doing the things that they do for various reasons or we want to help further the future.

Activists are regularly beaten, nearly killed and on a few sad occasions actually have been killed protesting for the compassion that should already be present in this world yet some sit at home posting food pictures of the latest vegan donut on social media while wasting time leaving comments that tear down all we are as a movement working towards.

These people, Wayne included, live lives on the edge of both poverty and not knowing when they will go to prison for insane sentences. Do you think saving a baby cow, pig or a chicken who is literally rotting to death stuck in a pile of feces and other decomposing bodies warrants 60 years in prison?

Most in DxE are facing an average of 50 years in prison and Wayne is up to 100 years now all for saving lives and standing up to say NO! We will NOT stand by quietly while 4,000 animals per second are murdered after lives of hell. 

Open rescue is necessary as is getting arrested to gain media attention. If you don’t agree then all the civil rights movements of the past who succeeded from which we all benefit did things wrong according to you.

DxE is leading the charge and the revolution towards a vegan world. If that’s worth mocking animal agriculture has won your heart but luckily not the majority of vegans hearts. 

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  1. DXE is on the RIGHT side of history! I am proud to support them in their form of activism. I am a survivor of the 60’s -70’s in the US I was around when the Kent State Massacre took place. I was in my late teens and I was among the students who protested and took a chance by civil disobedience. Some lost their lives, some were arrested but we all took a chance in order to stand up for something we believed needed to be changed! Kent State shooting is a great 20th century example of civil disobedience. Although it was unfortunate that the protesting had to end with injuries and death, because of the students’ passionate belief that the government was unjust in its actions, the Kent State shootings will forever be one of the biggest American examples of civil disobedience and so will the activists in DXE in this century!


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